Vinyl Fence

If you want a worry free and maintenance free fence then look no further. Vinyl fencing provides year around beauty and function without the need to ever touch it after installation. Vinyl fencing comes in many shapes, forms, and colors; from privacy, semi privacy, picket fence type, and ranch rail, the list goes on. With Lifetime material warranties from the manufacturer it makes perfect sense to choose a vinyl fence for you new home.We are very pleased to be able to offer such a high-quality fence in this department. We have partnered with Homeland Vinyl Products and are one of the only contractors in the area that can provide this material. The material that we use from Homeland Vinyl Products is a VMA certified material.
VMA is “The Vinyl Manufacturers Association” and is a group that is dedicated to providing only the highest quality material on the market.
At Griffis Quality Fencing, we buy all our material in blanks and use our CNC router to cut either standard spacing and heights for your fence or we can produce custom spacings and heights to fit a special application. A few examples of the type of fence we can produce are 4’ up to 8’ tall Complete privacy, 3’ tall to 8’ tall semi privacy, full privacy with semi private top, even just your standard white picket fence. We Fabricate all our own gates in house to fit standard openings or even custom openings.
With all the different styles and looks of fence out there the possibilities are endless. Browse through our photo gallery and let us know what you like, or even browse online and bring us examples of what you would like, and we can make it happen!

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