At Griffis Quality Fencing we manufacture all of our continuous fencing in house right here in Powell Wyoming. All of our panels are built using 1 ¼” 14 gauge electric welded tubing and come in sections of 20 foot long. We use 5 vertical panel supports that are made using 5/8” hot rolled round stock bent at each end so that it is tucked under the top and bottom rail preventing any sharp edges on the panels. 4 Rail Panel: Our standard 4 rail panel is 36” tall. The spacing between the horizontal rails are even at 12” apart.

5 Rail Panel: Our standard 5 rail panel is 42” tall. Starting from the bottom the rails are spaced at 8”, 10”, 12” and 12”

6 Rail Panel: Our standard 6 rail panel is 48” tall. Starting from the bottom the rails are spaced at 8”, 8”, 10”, 10”’ and 12”.

We can also build custom order panels and set the spacing to whatever you may need to match existing panels you may already have or a spacing you would rather have. All panels come with the necessary connectors needed to sleeve the panel into the next one.

We also sell pre cut pipe posts and full length top rail pieces using old 2 7/8” oil field tubing Contact us today for pricing. We are always interested in adding new dealers and distributors so ask us about our dealer pricing.

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